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Master exam.
Score with confidence.

Our courses are taught by test experts and tailored to you


S.C.H.O.O.L.S. prepares students for standardized tests by providing achievement-building activities while infusing elements of character into K-12 and collegiate curriculum frameworks. We invest in building the capacity of a learner's indiviualized educational strategies. 

Improve Your Score, Improve Your Future!

How it works

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Efficient Strategies

Quality and strategic content designed to maximize results.

Certified Instructors

Our experts pass their knowledge on through key strategies.

Performance Evaluation

Practice and guidance to pass your exam with confidence.

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ACT Prep Intensive

Recieve a higher score.

Our average ACT Composite Score increase is 5 to 10 points

SAT Prep Intensive

Prepare for prestigious programs.

Our average SAT Composite Score increase is 100 to 200 points


A program dedicated to assisting and preparing scholar-athletes in six key components


Our Courses

Earn a full ride with high-quality and cost-effective preparation


Mrs. Bracy

My son's score increased from a 15 to a 30, in just 5 weeks! He's accepting his FULL RIDE ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIP this week!"

Ms. Hines

"Ms. Belle...She made a 28 on her first try!!! Thank you!!!

Grateful Mom

My son. your tutee, originally scored a composite score of 21 on his April-ACT. Today, his September-ACT score report reflected +7points in reading, +6 in math and +1 in English, with a new composite score of (+3) 24!

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