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CLEARED Program is dedicated to assisting scholar-athletes. The success formula for CLEARED incorporates preparing scholar-athletes in the following six key components:


BACKGROUND: Student-athletes do not need to possess any legal issues or academic disciplinary issues prior to seeking NCAA Clearance.

MIND: must have skillful intention and downstream focus if they intend to have the mindset and mental toughness to compete at the collegiate level.

MEASURABLES: must be aware of their academic measurables with regards to their chosen sport, as well as how competitive their personal measurables are in comparison with the top athletes in their recruiting class.

MONEY: must be financially literate and able to make sound contractual decisions regarding academic and athletic scholarships received.

SCORES: must be aware of the necessary ACT and SAT scores needed for NCAA Clearance.

GRADES: be aware of the required Core GPA courses used to calculate NCAA Clearance, as well as the overall GPA required for college admission and academic scholarships.

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