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Ready To Attack The Test?

who we are. 

S.C.H.O.O.L.S. prepares students for standardized tests by providing achievement-building activities while infusing elements of character into K-12 and collegiate curriculum frameworks. We invest in building the capacity of a learner's individualized educational strategies. Our proven methods expose students to the opportunity to reduce education debt and increase their earning potential. We build test attackers. When faced with obstacles, you need key strategies to continue positive progress. Our systems and processes do just that. Our work is for forward thinkers who push boundaries of the norm.

We believe that everyone should have access to information. We provide that access through Goal Based Learning. Increasing scores is just the beginning. We promote positive youth outcomes and work to decrease youth drop out rates. Our students lead with confidence and know the question is not "if they will go to college but when and where they will go to college."

what we do.

Academic Coaching (ACT,SAT)

  • Online

  • Online SCHOOLS Classroom Subscription

    • Monthly Subscription

  • K-12 Schools and Organizations (group of 10 or more)

    • Onsite/Hybrid Model

    • Work Keys

  • Private Sessions

Professional Development

  • Data Assessment

  • Teacher and Administration Facilitation

    • Data Strategies

  • Curriculum Training

Curriculum (Summer 2024)

  • Online based ACT software

  • ACT Curriculum



  • ACT/SAT Academic Coaching

  • NCAA Clearance Facilitation

  • Leadership Skill-building

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Strong Sucess Rates

ACT scores +5-10 points

SAT scores +100-200points


Competeitive Offer


Cost-effective test prep


Online Test Prep

Accessed digitally

from everywhere.

our vision
Valencia Belle, CEO

Many students who complete a SCHOOLS ACT Prep Intensive receive a higher ACT Score resulting in the receipt of a FULL RIDE or Presidential Scholarship. Our average ACT Composite Score increase is 5 to 10 points, with all students who have participated experiencing a Subject Area increase in 2 or more Subjects in just FIVE WEEKS!


With high-quality and cost-effective ACT PREP, students and their parents can fund all four years of college based on 1 ACT SCORE! We begin standardized test prep as early as the Third Grade to prepare our students for qualification for such prestigious programs as the Duke TIP and National Merit Scholarship Programs.


For a minimal investment of time and money, that is, the cost of the actual ACT test and the cost of the SCHOOLS ACT Prep Intensive, multiple parents and students have saved HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in college costs!  







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